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FilmsEverything related specifically to the theatrical films and their alternate cuts.
103 17,813
DocumentariesDocumentaries about the franchise or multiple films in the franchise.
13 3,351
Interviews & Guest SpotsCaptures from interviews, TV appearances, late-night talk show spots, and similar appearances.
9 0
Novels & Comic BooksEverything related to the line of Halloween comics, the film novelizations, and other books about the franchise.
3 40
MagazinesScans of magazine articles that talk about the franchise.
10 77
EventsPhotos from film premieres, promotional launches, etc.
13 2,827
ConventionsAnything related to both the Halloween-specific conventions and horror conventions in general.
PhotoshootsA selection of professionally done photoshoots that the cast members of the films have partaken in.
1 16
MiscellaneousPhotos that don't quite belong anywhere else.
2 1
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